Fallen Hero

Lt. Jason Adams
East Pulaski Fire Department - January 22, 2016

Lieutenant Jason Adams was shot and killed in the line of duty, by a resident at the scene of an emergency medical response call.

Lt. Adams was a two-time cancer survivor. While undergoing chemotherapy treatment for his second battle with Hodgkin's Lymphoma, his interest in the fire service was sparked when he was assisted by a volunteer firefighter who responded to his home. The spark developed into a fully-involved 10-year love affair with the fire service.

Lt. Adams was a member of East Pulaski County Fire Department, where he served as training officer. After graduating from the Arkansas Fire Academy in 2012, he was immediately hired by the Sherwood Fire Department. Over his career, he was a member of Arkansas Urban Search and Rescue Task Force 1, an adjunct instructor for the Arkansas Fire Training academy, a trustee of Sherwood Firefighter's Association-Local 4756, and a volunteer for the Scott Fire Department.

Lt. Adams was dedicated to his community and the fire service. In October 2015, he was interviewed, by THV11, when asked about being a volunteer firefighter, "That to me is why I do it more than anything. Somebody has to protect this community."  

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