Arkansas Fallen Firefightes' Memorial
Arkansas Firefighters Fallen FireFighters Firefighters' Memorial
They answered the call. Won't you?

Remembering Arkansas Firefighters

Memorial Statue and Project Status

Fallen Firefighters Memorial


Construction of the Arkansas Fallen Firefighters Memorial
will be completed by November 18, 2013.

The Arkansas Fallen Firefighters Memorial
dedication ceremony will be held on:

Saturday, March 22, 2014 at 1:00p.m. at
#1 Capitol Mall in Little Rock, Arkansas
located on the West Lawn.

Everyone is invited! Make plans now to attend
and share in this wonderful, moving event
honoring Arkansas' fallen heroes.

Groundbreaking a success

Despite the cold, wet weather, the groundbreaking ceremony for the Arkansas Fallen Firefighters memorial held Saturday March 22, 2013 was a moving and well-organized event. KTHV's Tom Brannon performed an excellent job as Master of Ceremonies. View the short video on the website.

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette's Sarah D. Wire was also on hand to cover the ceremony. Read her article online at (Subscription required to read full article.)

Donate Today!

The Arkansas Fallen Firefighters' Memorial needs your help. We are trying to raise the necessary funds to build this beautiful tribute to our fallen Arkansas firefighters. Below you can find the many ways to help.

You can also send us a donation directly with Paypal.

Order your AFFM Commemorative Bracelet Today!

How to Donate

My dad was a firefighter in Amity, Arkansas. He was killed on August 14, 2008, responding to a call for help. You can help build the Arkansas Fallen Firefighters' Memorial by buying a stainless steel bracelet like the one on my arm.

Send $15 to AFFM at POB 56470 Little Rock, AR 72215. They are made in America.

Thank you,

Buffy McGough


I know i should never ask why
But i really have to know
Why you had to leave this Earth
I wish you didn't have to go

I remember when we spent time together
Just about every single day.
You used to always listen to me
Every word i had to say.

I really miss you right now
And even though i try,
I can never erase that night from my memory
And it always makes me cry.

I can only imagine how it felt
The bright, burning flames
And the firefighters, all the firefighters
Your name along with their names.

I know I'm not the only one hurting,
And that's what makes it so sad.
But i think of all the good things that happened while you were alive,
And i try to be glad.

I know you would want us to be happy,
Because i know you wouldn't want it to be like this.
You wanted so much for us.
That's the way it was, and I'm sure that's the way it still is.

But this is the problem,
I don't know where you are, and i can only think your name.
And i remember the one thing we have in common,
Your heart, My heart, both gone in a flame.

Papaw, this is lori. i made this poem today, and it is for my dad about Papaw Stewart.
i just wanted you to see it. i hope you like it.

~ Submitted by Lori Warren,
Dedicated to Jodi Warren

Granite Paver

Granite Paver

Your support, your name, in granite forever at the Arkansas Fallen Firefighters' Memorial.

The 8" x 12" granite sidewalk paver is $1,000. The 4" x 12" granite sidewalk paver is $350.

Contact Information:

Johnny Reep
3400 Jamie Lynn Drive
Little Rock, AR 72206

Rush Harding
Campaign Chair
P.O. Box 56470
Little Rock, Arkansas 72215

Firefighters Memorial Plate

Another way to help is to get a Firefighters Memorial License plate with the Department of Motor Vehicle. Each year a small donation is made when you renew your vehicle tags. More information? Click here.