Fallen Hero

Charles Burke
Little Rock Fire Department - December 27, 1980

On December 27, 1980, Engine 6, 5, Truck 2, and 742 were dispatched to 2611 South Izard for a structure fire.  As the Truck crew was opening up the roof, a flashover occurred, preventing firefighters on the roof from escaping.  Due to the manpower shortage, Chief Burke helped by pulling a hose line from an Engine and charged to the front porch to knock down the flames to protect the men who were trapped on the roof.  He then fell back and collapsed in the front yard.  A police officer shouted MAN DOWN.  Firefighters Terry Hill, Eddie Anderson, and David Perry desperately tried to revive Chief Burke and even continued CPR in the ambulance.  He was pronounced dead at 9:10 pm.  Chief Burke served two separate times.  August 20, 1946 to January 16, 1963 and February 1, 1954 until his death December 27, 1980.  Acareer total of 33 years with the Little Rock Fire Department. 

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